Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nathaniel Hawthorne

  This story starts out with a boy names Robin that is on a ferry to Massachusetts all by himself, looking for work. He is supposed to meet a man named Major Molineux but seems to have some difficulty along the way. As he got of the ferry he was wearing, "leather, well-shaped limbs, blue yarn stockings and a hat". Robin got to this New England colony and did not picture what he had thought. To sum it up he was pretty scared because there were all there people painted two different colors on their faces and they were not every nice to Robin. One of the man wanted to put him in jail and another started calling him a runaway. He became frighten enough to where he did not want to turn down different streets because he didn't know what was down there.
  He ended up staying at this inn where he thought that the lady working had one of the sweetest voices he has ever heard. A little later on Robin thinks he has found the house me was looking for but the town seemed to be empty and he thought he was the only one left. He was so tired he thought it was seeing people that weren't really there, but there really was a man on the other side and he yelled out from he balcony, "Hallo friend! Must I wait all night for my kinsman, Major Molineux?" 
   Robin and this man have a chat and he seems to find out that the Major will be coming for Robin as soon as he passes on that street. But in the end he never came.

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  1. Well it seems that I was a little confused. I had thought that the Major was the man with the "two toned face", in which he was just one of the towns people. It stated that there were many governors but the towns people had tarred and feathered them because they thought that they were taking sides with the British. And as Robin got there he kind of took sides with the towns man as they escorted Major Molineux through the town after he had been tarred and feathered. Also at this point in time, having been tarred and feather was a form of punishment, being scared for life since there wasnt really any sort of court system where he could have been put in jail or had house arrest.
    It also is clear now that the towns people were kind of like a mob. They all came together and if they did not agree I don't believe that they had said anything and that is why Robin stated at the end because the gentleman said that he should stay a few more days.