Tuesday, September 20, 2011


In Stowe's writing there were two young children named Dick Ward and he had a little sister Grace that were out in the woods I believe to put up chips which at the time was a , "wholesome and gracious employment" for the time they were in which was during the war.
     Grace started out being sad because there was ice all over the chips and it hurt her hands as her older brother encouraged her to hurry up and pick them up as he went and hung the Liberty (the flag). He wanted the two of them to play along like they were in the army and Dick was General Washington. I think Dick wanted to play this all the time and act like he was older than he really was because all the male figures in his family except his brother were off to war and he seemed like he wanted to be like them. Just like most boys do to their fathers.
     As Dick and Grace were playing her bonnet flew off of her head and she had got really sad. As where Dick wanted her to let it go since it was "good to give give up everything to liberty" or in other words the people that were off at war and had nothing but the clothing on their backs and the things their families gave them if they were still around. So all in all they ended up leaving the bonnet even thought Grace thought her Aunt Hitty was going to be mad. Then as soon as Grace got back to the house she was questioned by her Aunt of what took them so long, why her hands were so cold and where her bonnet was. Grace then got the snow off her boots  and cried as where Dick was still not home.
     The children's Aunts then figured out why he was still not home and it was because he said he was going looking for Grace's  bonnet but really it was his way to get away and play. He quoted, "picking up chips is a girls work and taking forts and defending the country us a mans work". Again I believe that he thinks all of this because his father is gone and he feels like he needs to be responsible for his family until he gets back and this breaks my heart because in the mothers eyes she knows that her husband may never come home.
     The family had gotten a letter from the father telling them what was going on and how he gave his extra pair of socks to a man who had none. I feel like the family felt proud of him for doing this but at the same time they don't want him to be without things that he needs. So after they read that letter they all got things together to send off to the men at war. And when the children asked their mother what it was that she sent she said, " I gave all i have and that is my children and my husband." I feel for this woman and all the others at this time knowing how hard times were and all their husbands were gone and their children were waiting patiently for them to get home.

   This compared to Dougless; they both start out somewhat happy but then takes a dramatic turn to slaverly and becomes sad. They show abolitionism which is a group of woman that make things and then sell them to abolitionist. And Washington had slaves back then but he said that they were his slaves wives. And once he died he had written down that they must be set free.


  1. Did you read the second part of the writing?? How did the two make you feel? The crazy differences between the two broke my heart!!

  2. The second story was really heartbreaking and described maybe the situation that the first family felt when their father/husband left them. How did you feel about the second story versus the first one?

  3. I stared to read the second part of the writing but I was really to confused to understand much of it but after we talked about it in class it defiantly made more sense to me and it was so sad!