Monday, December 5, 2011

Feed 8

Well, Titus eventually gave in and talked to Violet, they were on their way to spend the weekend in the mountains. Her father had stopped teaching her because he said that there was no need for her to keep learning if she wasn't going to need it later on in life. She had also got the news back from the feed-tech people saying that they were unable to help her out because she had too much information in her feed that she had done nothing with. And all the information was from when she wanted to start that, "new" project and she went around to different stores to get information about items but then not end up buying them. Anyway all that information led to her not being allowed to get her medical bills paid for.
     He was supposed to stay for dinner that night but he didn't because he felt to bad about showing up all mal before. When he was about to leave the father gave him an attitude and she did not kiss him as he was getting in the car. After he got home she kept sending him all sorts of memories and messages but he did not want to answer. This made him feel sick but i think that I would too if I knew that the person I liked was going to die soon.
     Finally he started to talk to her and told her that he had not received any of the messages that she sent him but he knew that she knew he was lying. So they finally got to the mountains and they checked in under different names to make it fun and when they finally got to their room they started making out even though he didn't really want to. She eventually told him that she loved him and that is when he told her to stop and she got mad at him. So mad that she wanted to go home so that is exactly what they did. He dropped her off at her house and I believe that was the last time that he had talked to her for a few months before he got a message from her father saying that he should visit her and gave him the address.
     Everyone else that had a feed within the next few months all started to lose their hair and skin and they thought that maybe this was another virus but I don't no if they knew it was for sure. Months after that he went to see Violet and she could not talk and they were hoping that she could still hear them. The dad ended up getting mad at him and told him to fuck off and leave and he ran away because he was so sad. Then a few days later he went to see her again and told her that he always wanted her to remember them and that he wouldn't forget their stories.
     This ending made me really sad but I'm glad that he went back and saw her one last time because if not he would have regretted it forever.

Feed 7

     Titus picked Violet up to go to another party and to get her mind off things. Once they got their she was very  quiet and was hardly talking so Titus took her to the attic. In the attic he showed her the place where he used to hide when he was younger and would play with his friends. So he was sitting there telling her stories because she loved hearing new stories. When they left and went back down to the rest of the party, the rest of the group was playing spin the bottle and were doing things that she did not really like but she didn't say anything about that, she sat there and played along until the bottle was then pointing to her and she freaked out. Titus was so angry with her and was mad that the party was then going to be over but there was nothing that anyone could do because the whole reason this was happening was because her feed was messed up.
     Violet ended up having a seizure and was in the hospital where everyone was nervous about what was going to happen to her. The doctors eventually let her out but Violet and her father had one problem, they did not have the money to pay for the bills that were about to come her way. So the two of them got together and tried to come up with a way to write a letter and send to the people in charge of the feed and malfunction center (if that is what its called) because the whole reason that this was all going on was because when she was on the moon she had got a virus and that made her feed malfunction along with everyone else's but when theirs went back to normal hers just became worse.
     At the same time that this is going on she is trying to tell Titus all the things she wants to do before her time runes out and i think the only thing that does is scare him so he does not answer her for a few days. And when he finally does say something to her, from what it seems to me was that he was too drunk to actually talk to her but tells her that he is going to show up at her house because he is sorry. I think that is so dumb, he should wait until the next day to but I guess in a young mind they don't always do what is the right thing.

Feed 6

     Violet started to tell Titus that her feed was starting to malfunction and that she had gone to a technician. They had said that they do not no what is going on but it was probably from what happened in the begining of the novel when they had all gotten a virus. The feed is connected to everything so when the feed isn't working properly than neither are you emotions, body control, and your memory. So this is probably the cause of why Violet started a little arugument about the coke. The point that her feed is at now is that the technicians believe that her feed is not starting to deteriorate, meaning that she could possible die.
   After she told him that she could possible die she then went on to tell him all of the things that she wanted to do before her feed completely shut off. She was young so i understand why she would start to name some of the things that she wanted to do because she wasn't sure how long she had. After she was done talking they hung out for a little and then he took her back home. He said that once he got home he just worked on his homework because that was all that there was left to do.
     I mean I know that i would be sad if the person i was dating told me that they could die at anytime and started naming things that they wanted to do. Because before she thought that she had time and then all the sudden they say no and that it could be at anytime now.
    The next day in school he saw Calista with the biggest lesion he had ever seen on the back of her neck. He thought it was the craziest thing ever and Quendy didn't really seem to like it herself but he wasn't sure if she didn't like it because it was ugly or because she was jealous that Calista was still dating Link. Then they went to talking about how rick Link is and how he the clone of Abraham Lincoln. Like what the heck is going on?

Feed 5

     One night when Titus was sleeping he had thought he was having the weirdest dreams that someone was trying to get inside his thoughts. When he had woke up it said that he felt weird and he had asked Violet if it was her going into his feed I guess. But she said that it wasn't so they both got really nervous and thought that maybe something like before was happening again so they called feed-tech to ask. This kid of reminds me of if anything goes wrong in some cars and you can hit that button and a lady will come on and talk to see what is wrong and what she can do for you. My car does not do that but I kind of wish it could sometimes. But anyway when they called they had no idea what had gone on and from what they could see inside his feed was nothing out of the ordinary.
     After this dream it kind of completely switched topic and it went to the talk about coke. Soda, it didn't seem all that interesting to me because I mean its been around for just about as long as I can remember and if you have as high tech things such as a feed, then how is a topic about a brand of soda so interesting? They talked about it for what I seemed to feel like forever and the group of them decided that they were all going to go get some coke but Violet asked a question and Calista I believe flipped out and was being mean to Violet so then she wanted to go home because she didn't like how these girls were treating her. And to be honest I don't blame her for wanted to leave, I have been somewhere where I don't really know the girls and they have been mean and it is not the greatest feeling in the world. So as the group left to go to the store, Violet and Titus started fighting and left. They were fighting because he thought that Violet was trying to show off and that is kind of rude because I don't believe she was. It seemed that she just wanted to ask a question and be able to state what she thinks, which is different from the rest of them but just because she is different doesn't mean that she's a bad person.

Feed 4

     Violet told Titus that she was starting a new project and that she wanted to show him but he would have to meet her at the mall because she did not want him to go to her house yet. When they got to the mall they went into all different types of stores and the way that the feeds worked was that when you walked into a store and knew what you wanted to get, the feed would turn on and tell you all different types of whatever it was you needed and different brands. It would basically advertise different products so that when you left the store you wouldn't be empty handed. Titus what it seemed to me was amazed at how she could walk into these stores and overcome all of this and then tell the employers that she was find and walk out of the store with nothing.
    He seemed that maybe she was too smart for him, he was having a lot of fun but some of the things that she knew and some of her perspectives were much different from him and his friends who all have had their feeds their entire lives. Then he started to think how he didn't feel like he did that well in school and that since he had this feed thats what he used to communicate all the time and never thought to actually just talk and have a normal conversation like we do today. Then one day they had got into a fight and she had called him a "self-centered idiot and then after a little while she finally realized what she had said and said sorry. But they both just sat their because they knew that she was right. He then proceeded to ask his parents what they thought about him and of course they did what any parent would do and said that he was a wonderful boy and so forth. They even ended up buying him his own up-car. Okay so I know in my house this would never happen. Yes, my parent may feel bad about the whole situation, but they would not just go out and buy me a car to make me feel better. The family obviously has a lot of money because they stated in the book that these cars were extremely expensive, so Titus is a very lucky boy to have these parents but I find it a little wrong that he got that big of a gift.
    Violet was so excited when she found out that he had got his own care because then they would be able to see each other more because neither of them had had a car previous to this. So they would fly around and she would talk about her parents and how they met and then what had happened for her to leave. He thought that it seemed so interesting or at least thats what I had got from it and then when she asked him about his family, but he didn't tell it like it was that important because he felt like his was so boring.

Feed 3

    Titus father arrived looking all professional and tried to chat him, but forgot that they cold not do that because his feed was shut down. The more time that they spent in the hospital the more bored they got. They eventually started making up games where they ended up making the whole room a complete mess and the doctor got angry and asked what had happened. They were spitting needles across the room or at least thats what I had taken it as. They were s bored two of them, Link and Calista decided to hook up. Now who does that? Just because your bored does not mean you just go and start hooking up with one of your good friends.
    I guess Violet started getting bored and told Titus that she wanted to go and show him a place that she found. She took him to a different part of the building where there was this big window and when you looked out the window there was this garden. All of the things in this garden were dead and gray and there was a leak so air was getting in there so all of the dead vines were sticking straight up so the novel said, "It looks like  a squid is in love with the sky." Personally this sounds pretty awesome to me, and they started that you could see all the stars behind. I just love looking at the stars so I feel like even being in outer space would be amazing.
     When they got back they started talking about how their families were and they turned out to be a lot different from each other. Titus had a little brother and he called him smell factor, his dad was a banker and his mom was in design. But Violet's dad was a college professor who taught dead languages. And thats languages what were once used but not so much anymore. I guess this makes sense to me because Violet seems more like a normal person to me and not so much up on all her technology like the rest of the teenagers. And then when you look at how different his parents are from hers it is kind of the same. He is interested in what people used years ago, (like us, people with no feeds). 
     Finally they got news that the damage that had been done to this was not permanent and that they could finally go home. So the doctors turned their feeds back on and they went on their way back to earth. When they got back things went back to normal really fast and they all said that that was their mid life crisis so at the end of the week they all had a party at Quendy's because her parents were gone. Titus went to pick Violet up because she did not have a ride so he used his parents up-car. And I took the meaning of this "up-car" but it basically being like a plane because it could to really far distances in a really quick time. So when he said that he went to pick her up, she was not just down the road, she was hundred of miles away. She was saying how excited she was to go to this party because she had never really been to a real party.

Feed 2

     They all woke up in the hospital with their feeds not working. So their bodies were how ours were now, just normal no electronics in their head or anywhere is their bodies for that matter. When they tried to chat, they couldn't because it was like there was no internet connection. All of their parents were called and then they decided to fly out to the moon to see what was going on, all parents except Violets. They kept talking about this painting that was on the wall, it was a picture of a boat that was in a pond or a lake. They were staring at it but couldn't find anything interesting about it, I guess since they don't have their feeds they don't no how to use their own imaginations.
    Finally one of the police officers came it and was telling them that they would be off-line for a while because they were being checked for viruses and being decrypted so then they could use that against the man that gave them this virus. They were all talking amongst each other about how much they miss the feed and this is what it must of felt like fifty to one hundred years ago. Well in my opinion its really not that bad, I know that I don't want to be like anyone else and have the same thoughts going through my head as they do in other peoples heads.
   They also kept saying that they could not get the tune, "I'll sex you in" in their heads. What is this? Is it a song or a show? I could not figure it out.

Feed 1

     The novel Feed started out very weird, It talked about how a group of teens were taking a trip to the moon for a weekend. They talked about feeds, and I could not figure out what a feed really was. I thought maybe it was something outside of the body, kind of like a smart phone, but better, that they carried around so that they didn't need to actually think about anything, they could just look it up. It was the beginning of their spring break, and they were saying things like, "I'm so null" and "this place looks fun for lo-grav", i wasn't sure if this meant that they were saying something like they were so drunk and this place looks fun for being so low key? But i had just got those terms from being "spring break" and wasn't sure what else it could possibly mean.
     When they got off the ship they said that their feeds were going crazy and I took this as there was so much new information around them and they didn't no what it was so they were trying to look it up. Now Titus the main character sees this girl that he wants to talk to. He did not get the chance so went on about his day. In the mean time one of the characters, Quendy was asking why none of her friends told her that her "lesion is like meg completely spreading". I had no idea what they meant by lesions, like are they talking about a cut that is getting infected and spreading all over her. And what does meg mean? I took it as like the word "really", like the lesions are spreading really bad or really quick. As they were talking about Quendy's lesions the girl that Titus wanted to talk to earlier came over and was talking with them about lesions and how she didn't think that Quendy's was all that bad, and Quendy was not happy about that. As the conversation went one, Titus wanted this new girl more than anything.
     Titus had found out that this new girl was on the moon all by herself, no friends or anything and it was spring break and it seems to me that this kind of raised a flag to him. He had found out that her name was Violet and she stayed with Titus, Quendy, Calista and the rest of the group and she was asking them all sorts of questions. They all ended up driving around and saw people protesting about the feed and the chips in peoples heads. So at this point I have finally figured out that these chips are in peoples heads, it is not something like a smart phone that they carry around. The protesters were yelling, "Chip in my head? I'm better off dead! Chip in my head? I'm better off dead!" This also brought attention to me that not everyone has this feed in their heads, so if they don't have this chip then I'm guessing that they are like we are right now. Anyways they did not stop, they just kept driving and went back to the hotel to try and see if they could drink, but they couldn't so they left and went to this dance type of thing where an old man came up to them and started yelling, "We entered a time of calamity." And he kept yelling this to them until finally thats what they started broadcasting, then all their feeds were getting messed up and they couldn't do anything about it. When the cops finally got there they told the kids that they were going to have to shut them down, I'm guessing this is like a computer since the way they talk about it, it seems like they only use the chips in their heads and not their brains.