Monday, December 5, 2011

Feed 6

     Violet started to tell Titus that her feed was starting to malfunction and that she had gone to a technician. They had said that they do not no what is going on but it was probably from what happened in the begining of the novel when they had all gotten a virus. The feed is connected to everything so when the feed isn't working properly than neither are you emotions, body control, and your memory. So this is probably the cause of why Violet started a little arugument about the coke. The point that her feed is at now is that the technicians believe that her feed is not starting to deteriorate, meaning that she could possible die.
   After she told him that she could possible die she then went on to tell him all of the things that she wanted to do before her feed completely shut off. She was young so i understand why she would start to name some of the things that she wanted to do because she wasn't sure how long she had. After she was done talking they hung out for a little and then he took her back home. He said that once he got home he just worked on his homework because that was all that there was left to do.
     I mean I know that i would be sad if the person i was dating told me that they could die at anytime and started naming things that they wanted to do. Because before she thought that she had time and then all the sudden they say no and that it could be at anytime now.
    The next day in school he saw Calista with the biggest lesion he had ever seen on the back of her neck. He thought it was the craziest thing ever and Quendy didn't really seem to like it herself but he wasn't sure if she didn't like it because it was ugly or because she was jealous that Calista was still dating Link. Then they went to talking about how rick Link is and how he the clone of Abraham Lincoln. Like what the heck is going on?

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