Monday, December 5, 2011

Feed 2

     They all woke up in the hospital with their feeds not working. So their bodies were how ours were now, just normal no electronics in their head or anywhere is their bodies for that matter. When they tried to chat, they couldn't because it was like there was no internet connection. All of their parents were called and then they decided to fly out to the moon to see what was going on, all parents except Violets. They kept talking about this painting that was on the wall, it was a picture of a boat that was in a pond or a lake. They were staring at it but couldn't find anything interesting about it, I guess since they don't have their feeds they don't no how to use their own imaginations.
    Finally one of the police officers came it and was telling them that they would be off-line for a while because they were being checked for viruses and being decrypted so then they could use that against the man that gave them this virus. They were all talking amongst each other about how much they miss the feed and this is what it must of felt like fifty to one hundred years ago. Well in my opinion its really not that bad, I know that I don't want to be like anyone else and have the same thoughts going through my head as they do in other peoples heads.
   They also kept saying that they could not get the tune, "I'll sex you in" in their heads. What is this? Is it a song or a show? I could not figure it out.

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