Monday, December 5, 2011

Feed 7

     Titus picked Violet up to go to another party and to get her mind off things. Once they got their she was very  quiet and was hardly talking so Titus took her to the attic. In the attic he showed her the place where he used to hide when he was younger and would play with his friends. So he was sitting there telling her stories because she loved hearing new stories. When they left and went back down to the rest of the party, the rest of the group was playing spin the bottle and were doing things that she did not really like but she didn't say anything about that, she sat there and played along until the bottle was then pointing to her and she freaked out. Titus was so angry with her and was mad that the party was then going to be over but there was nothing that anyone could do because the whole reason this was happening was because her feed was messed up.
     Violet ended up having a seizure and was in the hospital where everyone was nervous about what was going to happen to her. The doctors eventually let her out but Violet and her father had one problem, they did not have the money to pay for the bills that were about to come her way. So the two of them got together and tried to come up with a way to write a letter and send to the people in charge of the feed and malfunction center (if that is what its called) because the whole reason that this was all going on was because when she was on the moon she had got a virus and that made her feed malfunction along with everyone else's but when theirs went back to normal hers just became worse.
     At the same time that this is going on she is trying to tell Titus all the things she wants to do before her time runes out and i think the only thing that does is scare him so he does not answer her for a few days. And when he finally does say something to her, from what it seems to me was that he was too drunk to actually talk to her but tells her that he is going to show up at her house because he is sorry. I think that is so dumb, he should wait until the next day to but I guess in a young mind they don't always do what is the right thing.

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