Monday, December 5, 2011

Feed 1

     The novel Feed started out very weird, It talked about how a group of teens were taking a trip to the moon for a weekend. They talked about feeds, and I could not figure out what a feed really was. I thought maybe it was something outside of the body, kind of like a smart phone, but better, that they carried around so that they didn't need to actually think about anything, they could just look it up. It was the beginning of their spring break, and they were saying things like, "I'm so null" and "this place looks fun for lo-grav", i wasn't sure if this meant that they were saying something like they were so drunk and this place looks fun for being so low key? But i had just got those terms from being "spring break" and wasn't sure what else it could possibly mean.
     When they got off the ship they said that their feeds were going crazy and I took this as there was so much new information around them and they didn't no what it was so they were trying to look it up. Now Titus the main character sees this girl that he wants to talk to. He did not get the chance so went on about his day. In the mean time one of the characters, Quendy was asking why none of her friends told her that her "lesion is like meg completely spreading". I had no idea what they meant by lesions, like are they talking about a cut that is getting infected and spreading all over her. And what does meg mean? I took it as like the word "really", like the lesions are spreading really bad or really quick. As they were talking about Quendy's lesions the girl that Titus wanted to talk to earlier came over and was talking with them about lesions and how she didn't think that Quendy's was all that bad, and Quendy was not happy about that. As the conversation went one, Titus wanted this new girl more than anything.
     Titus had found out that this new girl was on the moon all by herself, no friends or anything and it was spring break and it seems to me that this kind of raised a flag to him. He had found out that her name was Violet and she stayed with Titus, Quendy, Calista and the rest of the group and she was asking them all sorts of questions. They all ended up driving around and saw people protesting about the feed and the chips in peoples heads. So at this point I have finally figured out that these chips are in peoples heads, it is not something like a smart phone that they carry around. The protesters were yelling, "Chip in my head? I'm better off dead! Chip in my head? I'm better off dead!" This also brought attention to me that not everyone has this feed in their heads, so if they don't have this chip then I'm guessing that they are like we are right now. Anyways they did not stop, they just kept driving and went back to the hotel to try and see if they could drink, but they couldn't so they left and went to this dance type of thing where an old man came up to them and started yelling, "We entered a time of calamity." And he kept yelling this to them until finally thats what they started broadcasting, then all their feeds were getting messed up and they couldn't do anything about it. When the cops finally got there they told the kids that they were going to have to shut them down, I'm guessing this is like a computer since the way they talk about it, it seems like they only use the chips in their heads and not their brains.

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