Thursday, October 27, 2011

Allen Ginsberg- Howl

It just gave a whole bunch of scenarios of feelings of people who this writer has met. So in my notes I tried to summarize and this is what I wrote; Sad, mad, maybe he was homeless? Naked, starving, black people. There were hippies and along with that all these types of people smoked a lot of their days away. I'm guessing that is what he meant by "smoked up super natural darkness above the city tops." It said that they hallucinate which make their eyes "cool" looking and most of people were either expelled from school for doing crazy things. I feel like they are really talk about a homeless people that only try and do drugs and alcohol  instead of getting their lives together. It seems like all these different types of people that he has met are all in New York because he mentioned a few different cities there.
     He said that he also met people that have been lonely, smart, people who have just chilled, protesters, people who never got to reach their dreams, broken hearted people and fade outs. Also people who have committed suicide, burned alive, and that have been given the wrong medicines and then have died.
     Then they speak of a man named Carl who is not safe either? I'm not sure what this means, is someone after him? I was really confused and not sure what they were talking about with all these different emotions and life changing events that people have been through.
     Moloch? I don't understand what this means but he said it so many times and in front of almost every line. Then it goes into talking about how there are sad boys and men that are at war or that have been in the war. Is Moloch a government or a type of army? America maybe?
     Carl Solomon who is in Rockland, we find out that he is a murdered, etc., all the people that we have heard about, it was all the same man. And personally I think he needs help and I'm sure everyone else thinks that as well.

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