Thursday, October 6, 2011

Smith -August 31st

     This was about a father who had 3 wives and he was also the Prince of his tribe and his sons tribe name was Broteer. Back then men thought that it was okay to have more than one wife along with having as many children as he wanted with all of them. I'm sure that men do this today because they are trapped in how they are greater than anyone else and can do whatever they would like but I do not agree with this.
     Broteer mother had taken him to a rich farmer about 140 miles away from where their tribe was so that he could get away and maybe have a better life than what was in line for him back at the tribe. But not many months later his father had finally found out where he was and had sent out a horse for him to bring his son back to the tribe where his father wanted complete control over him. But where this tribe was located the army was supposed to come and attack on his village and kill all the people unless they had money that they could give the army. The village luckily came up with the money and his father had talked the army out of hurting them. Not many hours later that entire family fled the village for safety.

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  1. There is a big cultural difference between where Venture spent his early years and Rhode Island where he was a slave. Consider what having multiple wives and children meant to his tribe, and why that is not "important" in the US.