Tuesday, October 4, 2011


     I had many questions at the time I read this. It started out talking about a boy in the time before the American Revolution. He was a boy on a ferry and I was not sure but I believe he was on his way from Massachusetts who was meeting a man in the new colony, New England. I had a question about who the man wearing, "leather, well-shaped limbs; blue yarn stockings and a hat" was. I think it was the man he was meeting but it also sounded like it could have been him when he had got off the ferry to meet him and was trying to look proper. Then as it went on it sounded to me like the people did not like him very much? And one of the men wanted to put him in jail because they thought that he was a run away and then the boy got scared to be there because all he was looking for was the major so he could earn money and work.
     He ended up meet a lady who had the sweetest voice he had ever heard and was wearing a red dress, but until class the next day I had no idea that the red dress meant that she was a "scarlet." I also learned that he left basically on his own because he didn't want to work under his brothers rule and wanted to create his own life. Back while he was walking through the town when he was looking for the major, he noticed that there was a man tar and feathered . It turned out to be the major and the towns people who were more like a mob had done it because they thought he was working with the British. These townsman used tar and feathered as a punishment because back then the towns didn't necessarily have a court system to give out punishments to people or to help find people not guilty.

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