Wednesday, October 26, 2011


 She starts off by naming different things in Africa and trying to see what it means to her. She wants to just lay there outside all day long and do nothing but listen to the birds sing. She says something about "Juggernauts"? I really don't no what this is or what it means.
     It goes on and its really confusing but I think it said that she was bleeding because she is talking about dark blood within and somber flesh and skin. Which does not seem to pleasant. When she says, "Africa? A book one thumbs", does this mean that if someone were to read it that they would really like it? And also "circling though the night, her cats", is this referring to her sneaking around at night or does she just have a cat that circles around outside at night? I also think that she might be in love and that maybe he had broke her heart because later it states that she can not sleep ever and when they repeat, "One countries removed from the scenes his fathers loved, spice grove, cinnamon tree, what is Africa to me?" Is Africa the man that she loved? I feel like he hurt her so bad that she doesn't no what to do with herself anymore hence why at the end she says that she believes in Jesus but she also believes in dark gods too.

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