Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Short Happy Life

This story was about a hunter named Mr. Hunter, and a couple; Mr. and Mrs. Macomber who have been married for eleven years. These the two man kept talking about a lion and at first I thought it was a keyword for something else but it defiantly was not. Mr. Macomber was about 35 years old and most people saw him as a coward but I do not know why they thought this.
Mr. Wilson, the white hunter was very good at what he did. If someone were to ask him how the safari went, he would reply with, "Oh, I'm still drinking their whisky." I assume that this means that it went well for him and he caught whatever it was that he was hunting. It said that he would hunt almost anything and that one this safari they were going to look for lions and buffalo. As the two men were talking about this, Mrs. Macomber came over and said that she wanted to go with and Mr. Macomber didn't want this because he was actually scared to kill his first lion and was kind of unsure what to do. But Mr. White told him that this is normal and that the lions first 3 roars usually scare a man, but after that he is okay.
     That next morning they were on their way and when they found the lion they waited and Mr. Macomber tried to shot it. He did, but he hit it in the ribs so Mr. Wilson had to help him out and shot him also to make sure he died. I guess the face of Mr. Wilson knowing how to kill an animal turned Mrs. Macomber on that she actually leaned forward and kissed him. But her husband had not said anything to her because he didn't know what to think. Later on when they were supposed to be sleep, Macomber woke up to find that his wife was not in the bed next to him and he waited up for two hours before she finally returned. When she got back all she kept saying was that she was outside to get some air and that she didn't want to talk because she was tired. But Macomber knew that she was lying and called her a bitch as she came back at him and called him a coward. Personally I think that she slept with Mr. Wilson even though said had told her husband that she wouldn't do anything like that. Anyways, the wife continues to be rude to her husband even thought she has no right to be because he had done nothing wrong, she is the one cheating on her husband.
     The next morning it seemed really weird to me how the husband didn't come right out and say something to Mr. Wilson but he kept his mouth shut. After breakfest they left to go look for buffalo and soon as they got there they saw three big ones. Macomber started shooting they and as he was his wife, from the car shot him in the back and killed him. I'm not sure why the wife would want to do this, she could have just left them. But Mr. White seemed really happy about it but then also really controlling right away with her. Maybe it was his plan all along.

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