Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Wasteland

     It starts out talking about how the seasons change and what each of them do for the people in the mountains. It says something about Hofgarten, but I don't understand what this means. Marie, the girl talks about sledding with her cousin and in the winter she goes down south. They speak in another language, maybe Russian or something but I am defiantly not familiar with it. It also says something about a "red rock" and a "Hyacinth girl" and that is what they call Marie but again, I have no idea about what they are talking about because of the language barrier. When Marie got back from the garden she was looking at someone and she couldn't tell if she felt alive or dead.
      Madame Sosostris was said to be the sickest woman in Europe (now I understand of why I didn't understand what has been going on). The lady of the rocks name is Belladonna meanwhile Marie is looking around seeing people walking around a ring and says to someone that if they see Mrs. Equitone that she will bring her her "horoscope" herself. Again I am not sure where she is, it sounds like too much is going on and maybe they are out at the towns fair and Mrs. Equitone is in trouble. They proceed to talk about death and how it may be upon many. And someone yelled out if the corpse that they planted in the ground began to sprout yet. I think that is referring to hiding a body in the garden that Marie was in earlier so that no one would find it but then why would you yell it out loud in front of a group of people?
     This part talks about the different smells that were going around where she was standing and I believe what she was imagining when she was smelling these things. There was also a conversation between two people and one of them was asking the other of what they were thinking because they other person cannot tell. And at this point I do not who which person is who because there were no names so I guess this could still be Marie talking. Where ever they are, there are dead peoples left over bones around them and this makes me feel a little uneasy.
   They proceed to talk about this and then the name Albert is brought up, which it new to me. But Albert is on his way home from the army in which he has been there for four years. Before he had left he gave one of the woman money to go and get new teeth since she had none and she was only 31 and looks horrible. Im pretty sure that Albert loves this woman and thats why he was willing to giver her money to try and make herself look half decent. But this woman doesn't seem to love him back. It says that he wants kids  but then she doesn't and she doesn't want a family and a husband that there are kids. And her friend doesn't understand why they can't be married and just not have kids. This is perfectly normal in todays world and I personally get this because what is wrong with having a husband and being happily married and not having to have children. She also kept yelling " hurry up its time" but I'm not sure why I think maybe its because Albert may be almost home.
     Mrs. Porter and her daughter were washing their feet in soda water, but wouldn't that make your feet even more sticky? And this they had a dinner and when it was coming to an end she was tired and bored when Albert (I think), tried to kiss her and she wanted nothing to do with it. But after the fact she felt confused because she did not know if she loved him or not.
 I think their names are Elizabeth and leicester. And he promised her a new start but she made no comment, so in my eyes she is done with him.
IV and V
     I think they were talking about the captin and how handsome and tall he is. Then "He who lives is dead now, we who were living are now dying." I'm guessing this could mean all good things come to an end. It goes on about how there is water and rocks but they aren't close to each other and you can't have both. This could also mean you can't have the best of both worlds. They ask who is the tired person that is with her because he only sees two in his eyes.

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