Wednesday, October 26, 2011


     This poem sounded like they were going to a beach when they said "And sawdust restaurants with oyster shells," and they are also talking about hotels and going to visit somewhere so I am guessing it's the beach. During the poem it always said a few times that all the woman there were talking about Michelanglo. This to me could very well be the man telling the story and if it is not maybe it's just the towns hunk as I would like to call it where all the moms and ladies talk about.
     It says that its the month of October and it sounds like they are just laying around relaxing but thats just what it seems like to me. Also it kept saying that "there's time", I guess it is trying to say that there is time in life for all the other things that they want to be able to do in their life time and not to be stressed out. It seems like its basically just stating how every minute something could change and on line 40 is saying how people will begin  to notice that his hair is thinning and that his arms and legs are thinning/getting skinnier.
     He seems so sad and lonely that he is getting old. A question that I have is what is his name? Is it Lazarus? Because he keeps asking if it would be worth the while?" Maybe he was waiting for his loved love to come back to him. But then I got confused again at the end because it says ." This seems like maybe they are living their dreams and don't want anyone to disturb them.

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