Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thoreau - September 19th

     This story was similar to Emerson and Franklin, but basically he did not hate government all together he just wanted a better one for the country. There was a liberal government which mean that the least amount of government was there as possible and that was not what should have been going on because the only thing that was out there to protect the people were the natural laws.
     He was so against the government that he didn't even want to pay his taxes and sure enough he didn't because the money that came from people paying taxes was going to things that he did not agree with such as slavey being legal. His punishment for doing this was having to spend the night in jail but he didn't care. Now like I said how he did not pay his taxes because he did not like where the money was going to would not fly like that today. Then if you didn't want to pay the taxes you "might"or it seems like it wouldn't happen all the time, but you might have to spend the night in jail. Where as today if you were not to pay your taxes you might get put in jail for a long time or have to pay a fine. I'm not exactly sure because my mom currently does mine and I don't know the rules of what happens if you pay late or not pay at all.
    This showed me that again people back then did not actually stand up and show how they feel and break the laws to stand for what they believe in. Nowadays that seems to be the only thing people do. There are always some sort of protest or something along those lines because people do not agree with what certain law is going on. I am somewhat shy, but when I truly believe in something I try to speak my mine whereas my mother is always speaking her mind no matter what could happen to her, and I kind of wish I was like that.

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