Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Anti-Federalist Papers -Sept. 7

     Both the federalist and anti-federalist papers were extremely confusing to me. I had to go back over them both a few times, but what I got from them was once they left power they could never return unless they were forced. Most people back then didn't seem to know if the confederated government would be best for the United States or not and that if the 13 republics should become one or should they stay how they were. Now personality if I was in this time I feel like i would be like most people and not say what I really thought because I would be scared of the consequences and what might happen to me.
     I believe it said that it was the authority to make laws which would then affect the lives , liberty and peoples property of everyone who lived in the United States at the time. These papers also includes all the tax laws and how laws cannot be excited in a republic and if they were there was a pretty big possibility of them then being killed. If this were to be like this today then I believe that most of America would have been killed by now.
     In class we talked about this and it made it only a little more clear to me. We talked about how people thought things would then be peaceful, equal and free in the government and if it was not then the people would hold their peace. I think this means that only a few would stand up for what they thought was right and if other people would think would be right, but if it was wrong then they would either be punished or they would never be allowed to speak their minds again. We also talked about how the United States was then viewed as 13 different states, not just one whole country like we do today. This is really weird to me because if we are all under the same president, how are we not all one country like we are today. I believe that different states can have some different laws and rules that they follow, but not each state have everything of their own and no way in connection with the state next to it. And for the people back in this time for think that it would not work if we were a whole, must have been a little out of their minds. Now these papers talk more about the lower class where as the federalist papers talk more about the upper class. We had said in class that your own self interest would not let someone else try and get the same thing. And I'm guessing that this means that they were selfish and all wanted the same thing in the government but they would let them have it.

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  1. Why does disagreeing with their government's policies and formation make them "must have been a little out of their minds"? Make sure you ask questions when you have them - your last few statements indicate that you need further clarification.