Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cartwright - September 2nd

Peter Cartwright was said to be one among the oldest Methodist preachers in the mountains. As him and his church traveled he wrote everything down of what was going on in his life along with different events that were taking place. Now theres a quote in his writing where he say that many of them could not conjugate a verb or parse a sentence, and murdered the kings english almost every lick. I think that this means that since they couldn't speak properly or read and the King could, the people would make fun of everything that sounded wrong to them. But in my eyes if this is what it was, how do they have the right to do that because they aren't even certain.
      Peter Cartwright was born in Virginia and his father was a soldier in the war when they had moved to Kentucky which was a new country. Not just a different state like it is today and most the state was filled with indians that were out of control and many people who had tried to move there at this time were killed by them. After this took place all the men gathered together to try and protect the families as best they could and there were about 100 of these men which was not that many considering that there were about 200 families. At the bottom of page to it says, " Many hard and bloody battles were fought, and thousands were killed on both sides; and rightly was named the "land of the blood". But then over time the Indians were finally taken over and the families and the people had some peace.
     Shortly after Peter's family was visited by a man name Jacob Lurton who was a preacher and Peter's father was not all that religious at this point but shortly after they ended up building a church called Ebenezer.  Soon after the church was built Peter became what seems to me, a little reckless. It says that he stated playing cards, dancing, rode races( I'm not sure what this means) and gambling that his father had said only a few things for him to stop but nothing big enough for him to completely stop. As for his mother was praying for him and she knew that he would never listen to her since he was not really listening to his father.
     When Peter was about 16 he was at a wedding where there was a lot of drinking and dancing, everything that his mother wanted him not to do and after he had got home that night and felt bad about everything that he had done he had walked into his house and started feeling extremely weird. Peter had gone blind and he thought that at the moment he was going to die and started asking God for forgiveness. His mother started praying and saying that his was God's punishment for doing all of the things that she had told him not to as his father was just nervous that he was going to lose his only son, so he made him stay home and take care of himself.
     The town had had many people from all over come to meetings at the church before and it was happening again but this time Peter felt the power of God at this one. He had felt like he heard, "Thy sins are all forgiven thee." He then began to believe in God and his ways as he felt like he was then in heaven. Then in 1801 he had joined the Methodist Episcopal Church. The story says the there was a new exercise called "jerking" and at this time I had no idea what they were talking about but when we discussed it in class it turns out to be when the people are yelling with joy and they jump up and down.
     Later on slavery became a huge topic and I believe it said that the Christians and Christian ministers had there testimony against slavery and they wanted to be no part of it because it was evil as stated on page 11. I could be wrong of who actually thought this though. Most people who were against slavery did what everyone else did and did not say a word about it.

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