Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Theme for English B and Harlem

     Theme for English B was about a colored boy having to write a paper about whatever came to his mind. It told us exactly how he got to where he was writing it and then he began to write about things that he likes and things that he likes to do. He told us that he feels his age(22), and that the color of his skin doesn't reflect on the activities he likes. He also talks about how him and his teacher are apart of each other because they are both from America and that the color of their skin does not matter either. They may not want to be apart of each others lives sometimes but neither of them can do anything about it.
     In Harlem it talks about what it would be like to postpone your dreams, but my opinion is that how do you postpone your dreams. You dream when you are asleep and you have no control over them and can not stop them once they start because you can't necessarily wake yourself up from it. So this kind of confused me.

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