Thursday, October 27, 2011

Harrison Bergeron

     This story took place in the future where everything was made equal, even their intelligence. They talked about H-G man, I'm not exactly sure what this is but they took Harrison away who was the son of George and Hazel. George is the father of Harrison and was considered very smart. So smart that the H-G man put a little radio in his ear I believe so that when he started thinking too much it was buzz and make him forget everything that he was thinking about, and Hazel, the mother was an average woman. The two of them were sitting watching the ballerinas on TV, but they were not just any ballerinas, they had bags over their heads so that you couldn't tell if they were above average with their beauty or not. I don't really understand why they were trying to make everything equal because no matter what you do, it is wrong to impair someone just because they were born like that. Hazel said that she wished she was Diana Moon Glampers and that if she was she would make the only noise that happened on Sunday was chimes in honor of religion. I feel like a bell would be more in honor of religion but I guess it depends on what they believed in, George said that he would be Handicapper General. I do not know who Diana nor Handicapper General is, maybe the people in charge of making everyone try and seem equal.
     Harrison, their son was said to be abnormal and was put into jail because of this. How can you just put someone in jail because they are not like most people? This is so wrong. Now as the story goes on I find out that George has a 47 lb. bag on iron balls tied to his next from the H-G men and that if he tried to take the balls out for each ball he would have to go to prison for 2 years and pay 2 thousand dollars. His wife told him to take someone out and that no one would ind out but George said that that would be cheating society and that if he started then other people would and that the government would go back to how it used to be. To me it seems like maybe the government might have been better before. Who wants to be the same to everyone else and if you are then the government makes to do things to make you less of a person.
     As the two of them were watching the TV, the news channel came on and the man could not talk because he didn't seem very smart. So then one of the ballerinas came on with the bag still on her head and started to say, "Harrison, age 14 has escaped from prison and that he was a very smart boy, very athletic,7 feet tall, and extremely dangerous." I think that he was put in jail because he seemed better than everyone else even though he wasn't trying to be. If not then I'm still confused of why their society is like this, it seems kind of backwards to me.
     The H-G men made Harrison wear a red ball on his nose, shave his eyebrows and put black caps on his teeth. He snuck out and ended up where all the ballerinas were and he ripped off the red nose along with everything else and told the people that he was the emperor and that they must listen. I wonder people were scared of him if they knew he looked like everyone else when he took the nose any everything else off. So Harrison said to the first girl that stood up would be his and finally one stood up. He then took the bag off her head and she turned out to be beautiful. They all eventually stood up and started dancing which was also against the law but they already broke every other law. But the George and Hazel came in and shot them all and they died. 
     It breaks my heart because I feel like they just did that because the news told them too and they could not remember that Harrison was actually their son.

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