Thursday, October 6, 2011

Huck Religious Viewst

     A few things that we had talked about that were pretty significant to the story were when Huck killed the spider and then had to turn around three times and then tied a piece of hair up so the witches would not come around. He obviously has suppositions, but as we talked in class it doesn't really fit into a certain group. He is also questioned about if he is cizilized or not because he is so young, but it turns out to me that he actually is because he has gone and done more things than most and he is still pretty young.  Now with the main characters in this novel they all have different traits. Jim is very superstistish, he has been exposed to Christianity even thought he is a salve and he is Solomon. Where as Tom is very religious and goes to church and does not really believe in things like witches or magic. And Huck is a little bit of both, maybe that's why he is not sure who's side to be on and takes care and shows concern to Jim even though he is a runaway salve.
     Another topic is on page 123 where two woman argue over who's child is theirs. They take care of this by saying that they are going to split the child and see really who's child it is. But in reality who would actually do that. Yes the real mother would end up showing more concern but if the other lady is crazy enough she might show even more concern and whoever is holding they child might believe them. This is where they need government and a law system to actually get dna and find the real mother that way.
    Back to the three main characters, Huck is kind of at war with himself based on society and its kind of a secret that he is smart as for Tom, he is just out for adventure and trying to be a hero as everyone knows that he is book smart.  But after it all Huck decides that he is "going West", which means he is going for what he believes and going to a place where he does not know anyone and it could lead to death but out there, there is no slavery and that is what he believes in.

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