Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Franklin- Aug. 29th

"Age of Reason", what I had got from this was that he was thanking God for all the good he has done for him and he walked 50 miles to Burlington to try to get back to Philadelphia. This was interesting to me because I am from that area and it makes me what to actually learn more about it since I am from there and do not no much about it. Anyways he became friends with Dr. Brown who he had met back in Burlington and told him how he was a printer and how he had missed his boat. But he then had found another that could take him before tuesday. Later in the reading Benjamin had received a letter from Ben Vaughan saying how he should start printing what he wants to because people do agree with him, they just might not have the courage to stand up like him and speak what they think.
     He went to PA so he could try and find a job at a print shop since that is what he loved to do but all in the beginning the print shops could not find any work for him to do, and when he eventually found one he quickly found out that the people working there were not completely "up to date", if you can even call it that since back then there didn't seem like there was much to it. So he started showing them what he knew. I kind of wondered why he did not from the start show that he was smart and capable of doing these kinds of things because if he had he might have got a job when he first started looking and not have had to stay in a different location every week.
     He then started a club to share books. He looked reading because he said that he was a horrible speaker and this was his way to get his point across to people in an easier way. When he did this people started wroting him letters, so many letters and he would respond to them but there came a point where he had got so many it started getting hard to write back to every single person.

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