Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Sotweed Factor

This was the first reading that we had done and to be completely honest it was one of the most confusing because at this time I still wasn't sure all about what we were reading. But what I had gotten from The Sotweed Factor was that your fate can not be changed if it is cursed and if your friends are mean then you really have no chance. Then the next line I kind of took like your stuck with it no matter what and you will be left with a broken heart and you really don't know if it will be fixed one day. Then he was saying bye to the world and that the heavens would be okay.
     At this point I thought he was talking about maybe leaving the world and committing suicide because he was saying bye to the world. But I was wrong because they had been on a boat for about 3 months and I got that by just reading a little further. During those 3 months there were really bad storms  and they were all happy to get off the boat but they were sick from all the traveling. I believe they got off at Piscato way and they were all dressed in scottish clothing, no shoes, stockings and hats; and thats when the "Sotweed planters" came over to the crew.

   So after class and discussing this I got a little bit of a better perspective of what was going on. The crew had come from England and they were calling the "sotweed" planters this name because they had never seen such people. But these "Strange" people had turned out to be native Americans. ANd they were basically calling them murderers and it was nothing like they thought because this crew thought America would be like England and it was not.

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