Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Song on Myself-
I tried to write down what I thought after each number so it would make a little more sense. So in the first three Whitman was writing about how he celebrates his life and everything about it. He is 37 years old and is in perfectly good health and everyone in his family has been born in America. Then he continues to talk about how he smells so good. I'm not sure why he is saying he is in love with his mouth but he did say that. Then he says different things about how he loves nature and how its odorless smell makes him feel free and how people should let him read his poems and people would never be the same. He says how life couldn't be anymore "perfect" than it is. When he said, "Clear and sweet is my soul, and clear and sweet is all that is not my soul." I tried to think about this and I can understand why he say clear and sweet is his soul but then why did he say right after that it is not his soul. I also agree with what he says when he tells us that you should take the best and divide it by the worst and knowing that fitness and equammity of things. Its good that he is loving life and into nature and all that he is doing and how much he admires himself and to have that kind of self image because you should take the best of everything and be happy because you never know what could happen one day so live each to the fullest and go from there.
     Paragraphs 4 through 7 talks about the bad things going on in life and how things can go wrong like people getting sick and dying but life goes on and you have to get over it. He thinks that love is the best creation that could have every happen and how "the hand of God is the promise of my own." Once I got to paragraph 6 I got a little confused of what he was talking about when he was talking about hair and why young men and old men are the way they are. Then continues to ask the readers if people think its lucky to be born and if they think so, do they think its lucky to die.
     In paragraph 8 he speaks of a little girl with red hair and i think she was dead because it said something along the lines of the floor was covered in blood and he saw a corpse where there was a pistol next to it. Outside there was snow on the ground and as the police came there were people standing outside and all started leaving when the cops made an arrest.
     The rest of the poem up to paragraph 15 it was about him sitting in the mountains by a fire with is dog and a gun. He meets a boatman and a clam digger early in the morning and then later he sees a wedding and after that a runaway slaves comes to his door stop. He was so generous that he gave the runaway new clothes to wear since the ones he had were not in good condition.
     At the end of the day it basically made him realize that the husband and the wife will sleep in the same bed and he will be happy singing his song. I thought it was a lot easier to read compared to the anti-federalist and federalist papers .

    In class discussion I found out a few of questions that I had had while I was reading. When it was talking about the grass, it meant that his ancestors were in the ground and apart of nature and that they were still here on earth in some sort of way. But these days it's not like that because we use caskets and some people are em-bombed before their bodies are put in the ground or wherever they are put. Another thing that I completely missed was that I had no idea that he was homosexual and that he was trying to get people to know this. Another point made was that this was one of the first "purest".
    And another big topic that I couldnt understand was why the lady never left the house as there was 28 men outside her home. It was because she was a house wife and she was never allowed out and when she saw all those men she was memorized by how beautiful they were. If I was her I would have left when I saw them because I would have been way to bored to be in the house 24/7, even if I knew I wasn't allowed out.

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