Tuesday, September 6, 2011


     Romanticism is stated to be the "artistic, literary and intellectual movement that originated in the second half of the 18th century in Europe." It was the start of the industrial Revolution to what I think was the end of the French Revolution which laid the background for both Romanticism and the counter enlightenment emerged. It also started 19th century Realism which is when artists, poets, writers, musicians and political practices started going out on their own.
     Charles Baudelaire said, "Romanticism is precisely situated neither in choice of subject nor excite truth, but in the way of feeling". I believe in this because I think things that you choose to do should be off the way you feel , not how someone else feels or if someone else may think that its wrong. You should be able to say and show what you are feeling. This article also stated that its emphasized on intuition, imagination and feeling which is basically what Mr. Baudelaire said.
     Music and the arts; was mostly contemporary, "romantic" and some of the producers in music being; Beethoven and the 5th Symphony. Literature and operas were considered being in the "gothic" times. And some still played today would be Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake. A big poet would have been Alexander Pope, literature at this point was starting to become different and in its own individual way than before and more like it was in Europe at the time. This is when it seemed that Americans started breaking free of strict religion and traditions hence Woman authors started evolving more as stated in the article.
    Although I had a little trouble with this since I do not know much about history, i believe I understood this pretty well. From what I got out of this was that this was basically the point in time when Americans started become their own people and started breaking up into different groups and believing what they wanted along with listening to different music and liking arts that were unfamiliar. Much like Europe at the time, I believe Americans may have started enjoying the arts more even thought there were about 4 different wars going on during this time but that is what seems to have started it.

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