Monday, December 5, 2011

Feed 8

Well, Titus eventually gave in and talked to Violet, they were on their way to spend the weekend in the mountains. Her father had stopped teaching her because he said that there was no need for her to keep learning if she wasn't going to need it later on in life. She had also got the news back from the feed-tech people saying that they were unable to help her out because she had too much information in her feed that she had done nothing with. And all the information was from when she wanted to start that, "new" project and she went around to different stores to get information about items but then not end up buying them. Anyway all that information led to her not being allowed to get her medical bills paid for.
     He was supposed to stay for dinner that night but he didn't because he felt to bad about showing up all mal before. When he was about to leave the father gave him an attitude and she did not kiss him as he was getting in the car. After he got home she kept sending him all sorts of memories and messages but he did not want to answer. This made him feel sick but i think that I would too if I knew that the person I liked was going to die soon.
     Finally he started to talk to her and told her that he had not received any of the messages that she sent him but he knew that she knew he was lying. So they finally got to the mountains and they checked in under different names to make it fun and when they finally got to their room they started making out even though he didn't really want to. She eventually told him that she loved him and that is when he told her to stop and she got mad at him. So mad that she wanted to go home so that is exactly what they did. He dropped her off at her house and I believe that was the last time that he had talked to her for a few months before he got a message from her father saying that he should visit her and gave him the address.
     Everyone else that had a feed within the next few months all started to lose their hair and skin and they thought that maybe this was another virus but I don't no if they knew it was for sure. Months after that he went to see Violet and she could not talk and they were hoping that she could still hear them. The dad ended up getting mad at him and told him to fuck off and leave and he ran away because he was so sad. Then a few days later he went to see her again and told her that he always wanted her to remember them and that he wouldn't forget their stories.
     This ending made me really sad but I'm glad that he went back and saw her one last time because if not he would have regretted it forever.

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