Monday, December 5, 2011

Feed 3

    Titus father arrived looking all professional and tried to chat him, but forgot that they cold not do that because his feed was shut down. The more time that they spent in the hospital the more bored they got. They eventually started making up games where they ended up making the whole room a complete mess and the doctor got angry and asked what had happened. They were spitting needles across the room or at least thats what I had taken it as. They were s bored two of them, Link and Calista decided to hook up. Now who does that? Just because your bored does not mean you just go and start hooking up with one of your good friends.
    I guess Violet started getting bored and told Titus that she wanted to go and show him a place that she found. She took him to a different part of the building where there was this big window and when you looked out the window there was this garden. All of the things in this garden were dead and gray and there was a leak so air was getting in there so all of the dead vines were sticking straight up so the novel said, "It looks like  a squid is in love with the sky." Personally this sounds pretty awesome to me, and they started that you could see all the stars behind. I just love looking at the stars so I feel like even being in outer space would be amazing.
     When they got back they started talking about how their families were and they turned out to be a lot different from each other. Titus had a little brother and he called him smell factor, his dad was a banker and his mom was in design. But Violet's dad was a college professor who taught dead languages. And thats languages what were once used but not so much anymore. I guess this makes sense to me because Violet seems more like a normal person to me and not so much up on all her technology like the rest of the teenagers. And then when you look at how different his parents are from hers it is kind of the same. He is interested in what people used years ago, (like us, people with no feeds). 
     Finally they got news that the damage that had been done to this was not permanent and that they could finally go home. So the doctors turned their feeds back on and they went on their way back to earth. When they got back things went back to normal really fast and they all said that that was their mid life crisis so at the end of the week they all had a party at Quendy's because her parents were gone. Titus went to pick Violet up because she did not have a ride so he used his parents up-car. And I took the meaning of this "up-car" but it basically being like a plane because it could to really far distances in a really quick time. So when he said that he went to pick her up, she was not just down the road, she was hundred of miles away. She was saying how excited she was to go to this party because she had never really been to a real party.

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