Monday, December 5, 2011

Feed 4

     Violet told Titus that she was starting a new project and that she wanted to show him but he would have to meet her at the mall because she did not want him to go to her house yet. When they got to the mall they went into all different types of stores and the way that the feeds worked was that when you walked into a store and knew what you wanted to get, the feed would turn on and tell you all different types of whatever it was you needed and different brands. It would basically advertise different products so that when you left the store you wouldn't be empty handed. Titus what it seemed to me was amazed at how she could walk into these stores and overcome all of this and then tell the employers that she was find and walk out of the store with nothing.
    He seemed that maybe she was too smart for him, he was having a lot of fun but some of the things that she knew and some of her perspectives were much different from him and his friends who all have had their feeds their entire lives. Then he started to think how he didn't feel like he did that well in school and that since he had this feed thats what he used to communicate all the time and never thought to actually just talk and have a normal conversation like we do today. Then one day they had got into a fight and she had called him a "self-centered idiot and then after a little while she finally realized what she had said and said sorry. But they both just sat their because they knew that she was right. He then proceeded to ask his parents what they thought about him and of course they did what any parent would do and said that he was a wonderful boy and so forth. They even ended up buying him his own up-car. Okay so I know in my house this would never happen. Yes, my parent may feel bad about the whole situation, but they would not just go out and buy me a car to make me feel better. The family obviously has a lot of money because they stated in the book that these cars were extremely expensive, so Titus is a very lucky boy to have these parents but I find it a little wrong that he got that big of a gift.
    Violet was so excited when she found out that he had got his own care because then they would be able to see each other more because neither of them had had a car previous to this. So they would fly around and she would talk about her parents and how they met and then what had happened for her to leave. He thought that it seemed so interesting or at least thats what I had got from it and then when she asked him about his family, but he didn't tell it like it was that important because he felt like his was so boring.

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